August 22, 2011

BASICS recommends: FEM001 - Various - FEM Picks

Our fellow future-thinking beats pushers down at Future Electronic Music did it again. And this time it's serious. Setting aside their Facebook activism and podcast series for a while, they started a new project called FEM Recordings. Producers were sought after, connections were made, tracks went back and forth and finally on the 20th of August they managed to come up with a definitive form for their first attempt in putting some tracks up for world recognition: FEM001 - FEM Picks, which they modestly describe as being "a collection of 13 tracks from unheard talented artists".

We're gonna expand a bit on that and add "across the board" in that sentence. We're talking about 13 tracks coming from such a different range of producers, from all over Europe / the world, juggling with different styles in a wide bpm area! Different influences are shown, different production techniques are showcased and different results are to be seen / heard.

From Gacha's Nu-Disco takes to Leibniz's german Juke engineering, from Palace's Future Garage beats to Blacktee's mental House / Techno, TRG-ish approach, from Zoltan's Funky riddims to VRT's bass roller, this compilation has it all and all is something hard to get nowadays. We only mentioned a couple of our favourites but there's more to choose from on the compilation. Whether you are a House, Post-Dubstep, Dubstep, Wonky head and so on, something will suit you!

That + the fact that this is one of the few attempts of pushing fresh blood orchestrated from Bucharest, should be enough an awareness-raiser for you to go check it out, download it and play it out if you're specializing in that.

You can get the whole 320 pack from FEM Recordings' Bandcamp for free. Everything sounds good, it's properly mastered and ready for your listening pleasure. Previews are available on FEM's SoundCloud.

PS: We don't like to name names but there's definitely something about Palace - Down With You that got us all goosebump-y.

Palace - Down With You

PPS: Three Romania-based producers there: VRT, Zoltan & Blacktee (like you didn't know...). Show support!

PPPS: We won't disclose any crucial information yet but there's a launch event coming soon for this and we're gonna be there as well, showcasing our regular BASICS selection! Watch this space!

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