November 25, 2011

Preview: WRND012 - Gongon & Bad Autopsy - EP1

Any sound produced by the means of an electrical signal may reasonably be called electronic and we've always heard criticism leveled at electronic music that goes something like: "But is it "real music" or something inauthentic and artificial? You're just pressing some buttons man, that's not music!".

I disagree with this criticism on a fundamentally philosophic level - Music is not just a series of sounds, it is a series of feelings. And it might be kind of difficult to express your feelings, making or listening to electronic music. But it seems that one of the hottest up and coming London-based producers - Gongon - can handle that little problem.

Rapidly building a name for himself as a unique figure in an overcrowded pool of producer talent, Gongon comes to Well Rounded Records with a forthcoming brilliant EP set to be released in early / mid-December.

Well Rounded Records is, as you already know, a label based in Brighton, UK, which is run by DJ, producer and passionate music head Donga, a specialist in pushing new vibes of UK House / UK Garage. Talking about fresh vibes, Gongon's forthcoming EP will be a nice surprise for everyone.

Connoisseurs of the uplifting, piano-House vibe - this one’s for you. „Come Around" slowly builds around stabs of percussion, kicks & snares and choppy synths that sound anything but static. These are anchored by a particularly sticky bassline that reminds us of the sound that Well Rounded has become known for. What really makes this track though is Gongon’s unbelievable skill at chopping up vocals, ensuring this tune will not leave your ears for a long, long time. In other words, this is amazing!

Gongon & Bad Autopsy go tropical on „Cactus Banger” approaching Kwaito riddims and Soca-ish percussive artwork from a whole different perspective. Spaced out, broken drum patterns, half-rolling „four to the floor” basslines and a catchy theme make for a straight-forward club attraction very much in tone with any „breaking news” experiment going down in the UK Funky sphere at the moment. Something that would get a couple of rewinds anytime.

My personal favourite still remains „I Could Be There" which is the most catchy thing I’ve heard since Mosca's „Done Me Wrong". Even though it has a sample from Ciara’s „Like A Boy”, somehow Gongon made a fantastic vocal line which glides smoothly over light percussion and deep bass stabs. This is a warm and bouncy track that has a real potential to get dancefloors moving.

WRND012: GONGON (featuring Bad Autopsy) 12" EP by Well Rounded Records

It is notable how successful he is in combining the warm tones of House beats with the woozy synths and choppy samples of today’s Bass scene. This is that Future-Garage music both for the head and the heart; for the floor and the headphones. I guess it's a stellar debut and also it’s an essential release for any DJs looking for something fresh.

Follow Gongon’s production work here: SoundCloud and grab one of his latest tracks, for free, via Boiler Room.

More from Well Rounded via Facebook or their SoundCloud account.

Denisa Lazar

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