October 17, 2011

BASICS Podcast 012 - Alexandru Jijian

There’s a certain gentleman lurking around the local Techno scene, we’ve been taking interest in even before BASICS was born. He’s got quite the interesting performances list so far, alongside the likes of Jeff Mills, Miss Kittin, Chris Liebing, Pantha Du Prince, Lawrence, Alex Under or even the less-conventional Fantastic Mr. Fox & Svetlana Som Sistema and according to himself plays “music for the mind that lives in a dancing body”.

Alexandru Jijian is our 12th guest in the podcast series and believe us, there’s much to learn about what proper deep, dark & deadly 'floor music means from his set. Of course, we’ve also taken the liberty to ask him a couple of questions that aim to sort out some of his views for the wide audience.


01. Basic Channel - Radiance II [Basic Channel]
02. Fatih Tuter - Untitled [Shoreless Recordings]
03. Guido Schneider - Moesko [Poker Flat]
04. Theorem vs. Swayzak - Devil Of Rotations [M_nus]
05. White Label - White Label [Promo]
06. White Label - White Label [Elektro Music Department]
07. Frozen Border - 4.01 [Frozen Border]
08. Horizontal Ground - Thirteen Step [Horizontal Ground]
09. Szare - Action Five [Idle Hands]
10. Sascha Rydell - SR2 [Fachwerk Records]
11. Traversable Wormhole - Superluminal (Sleeparchive Remix) [CLR]
12. Gonno - ACDise #2 (Skudge Feels It Version) [International Feel]

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Knowing Alexandru Jijian:

BASICS: First of all, where did you come from, musicwise? Your sets tend to leave an impression that there’s quite an interesting listener behind your DJ persona. Take us through your history a bit.

Alexandru Jijian: I think I’m a regular guy amongst my friends. I just have a taste for electronic music, I’ve always had. I can’t really say how much or what I’ve listened to in particular because I’ve always been open to hearing new sounds, you know, forever searching for something new and all that bla bla. What I can say is that I’m quite the geek when it comes to music history: I’ve been through most of what should be listened to at least once in a lifetime.

B: I know there is a number of specific sounds you like as a DJ, ranging from experimental bits to quite ambient-ish stuff to synth-driven weird-you-out and serious warehouse Techno. Which one of these are you most at home with?

A.J.: All of the above. The last couple of years I’ve been mainly into Techno but I guess that’s what I’ve always been into without really knowing it. (Autechre, Clark and all the other Warp Artists which I love).

I am, however, taking the liberty to underline a misconception which I don’t like: people or friends have a tendency to tag me with the Techno stamp and, although that’s what I’m most confortable with, I’ve always considered myself more of a Music Lover more than a Techno Head. This is why I will play House or what not if the time is right.

B: A bit of reflective talk. I’m curious about the philosophy behind your sets. Expecially now, at a time when the crowds seem to get moodier and harder to drag in and please each week. Who do you play for and why?

A.J.: I play for whoever comes to hear me play. I do it because I don’t feel at ease until I share the music I love with the other music lovers and party goers such as myself. I like longer sets with slow warm-ups. 3,4 hours up. Gives me the time to get to know the people in front of me better (and vice-versa, of course). To infinity and beyond!

B: I know you have quite an alternative vision on how a healty electronic music scene should look like. I won’t get into what’s good and what’s bad inside the current state of affairs but I’m quite interesed to see how this ideal of yours looks like. If you’re willing to share.

A.J.: I miss The Web Club very much. That’s all I have to say.

B: You’re an avid party-goer as well. You’ve always been. I’m curious, besides Techno and sounds you’re familiar with, what gets you dancing in a club?

A.J.: I’m actually a very big fan of Drum and Bass. I’ve been to Dub Mafia and LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad recently and had a BLAST! Really good, good times man!

B: Small club with an intimate vibe and a „close to the people” feel; warehouse, Funktion One and a massive 2000+ crowd going absolutely mental or studio / radio session for some hundred listeners? Which one suits you the best?

A.J.: The fun I had at the radio definitely has to happen again. I have to choose massive crowd going mental, who wouldn’t want that?

B: From the top of your head: best gig you’ve had so far and a fictional line-up you’d really love to be a part of?

A.J.: Best gigs actually: The Closing Set I did for Jeff Mills and Miss Kittin at Arenele Romane in 2010 / The 6 hours set I did in Raum (Cluj) at an afterhours in December 2010.

Best fictional line-up: Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Plastikman and in the morning a concert with Sebastien Tellier.

B: Are there any „most played tracks” for you this year? Fresh stuff you’ve really been vibing to? Both as a DJ and as a listener.

A.J.: I’ve played a lot the stuff from Horizontal Ground, Frozen Border, Stroboscopic Artefacts and Prologue. Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons have had a pretty good comeback (producing music wise). I love their stuff a lot!!!

B: A couple of words about the mixtape? What is it aiming for?

A.J.: I think it’s a really smooth mixtape going through what I like to listen to when it comes to experimental Techno.

B: As per usual, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you!

A.J.: Thank you! Hope you enjoy it!

Thus being said, get connected with Alexandru Jijian for your regular feed of proper beats via Facebook or SoundCloud.

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