March 12, 2012

BASICS Podcast 015 - Rapala

Something a bit different this time as we adventure in a sound area we haven't really been to before, with this series. The itinerary is Rapala's work, one of the go-to-guys when it comes to soulful, laidback vibes and jazzed-up dance grooves as well.

Needless to say, Rapala is a DJ for almost 10 years now, he's an avid records collector, he comes from Targu Mures, he resides in Timisoara, he is half of LBC Kru - which he runs alongside WRK and he's always made a good appearance playing a wide range of sounds, from Funk & Broken Beats up to Drum & Bass; at the Summer Break, TMBase or AnonimTM 48H stages or with the likes of Jon Kennedy, Fort Knox Five or Ed Royal, amongst others.

The present audio material "has been built in a rush", we were told, but I think it's safe to say it doesn't feel like that even a bit. It's all a smoothly put together collection of world-music influenced, percussion-mad, keys & synth-driven electronics with a pinch of Swing and Kwaito here and there, hosting insanely good works from Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra or (the early-days) Freq Nasty, among others. It's brilliant! And since it's got a ridiculous amount of flavours to choose from, we reckon it will make an impression with those of you enjoying a carefully selected world cuisine of sounds.


01. Black Dog With Black Sifichi - What Do They Want? [Hydrogen Dukebox]
02. Doctor Rockit - Veselka's Diner [Lifelike]
03. Floating Points - Shark Chase [Eglo Records]
04. Culoe De Song - The Bright Forest [Innervisions]
05. Renovation Unlimited feat. Roy Ayers - Antonata (Atjazz Remix) [ObliqSound]
06. Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo - I Exist Because Of You (Henrik Schwarz Live Version) [Innervisions]
07. Club Des Belugas feat. Brenda - Some Like It Hot [Lola's World]
08. Sofi Hellborg - Wouldn't That Be Fun (Señorlobo & Watch TV Remix) [Ajabul]
09. The Boogoos - The Journey - Ghana '74 (Dusty Remix) [Jazz & Milk Recordings]
10. Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - War Hero (Guajiro) [Anti-]
11. Dousk - Gìgi [Klik Records]
12. Trüby Trio - Satisfaction (Salzmann & Zech's Slowdown Mix) [Compost Records]
13. Freq Nasty - Incredible Acoustic Properties [Botchit & Scarper]
14. Repeat - End Up [A13]

DOWNLOAD (via Sendspace - available for 30 days)

You can catch Rapala playing sort-of on a regular basis at Al-kimia in Timisoara but for more information go directly to the source. A mix archive can be accessed via Soundtracker here.

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