September 13, 2011

BASICS Podcast 011 - Snygg

We’re slowly moving on into the double figure podcasts and, for 011 we thought we’d sort out another curator’s edition. Just as before, this serves as a platform for the better understanding of what we and our fellow promoters / DJs / writers on the local scene actually spin and aim for in terms of sound.

Since we’ve mentioned Future Electronic Music quite frequently for the past year or so, it only seems fair to give its head-honcho – Snygg – the chance to explain some of the thinking behind what he’s doing at the moment and showcase his personal selection for us through a smart mixtape.

For those of you who’ve been off the loop for the past twelve months, Future Electronic Music is a Facebook lurker pushing all sorts of next-level-ish beats ranging from -100 to well over 160 bpm, curating podcasts and reviews from time to time via their blog and releasing fresh unheard-of talents for your listening pleasure via FEM Recordings.

Quite the fucking achievements-list, from some guys who are not even in their twenties yet and could have spent their leisure time getting wasted and raving to Jump-up Drum&Bass instead of doing what they’re doing, we think.

Add up Snygg’s potential as an upcoming DJ on the scene and his official debut alongside names like Kode9 or Joker a few months back and it should raise enough awareness for you to bookmark everything you find on the web with these fellas’ names on it.

But as we don’t like praising anyone THAT much, we figured it would be for the best to let Snygg say a couple of things about FEM and the mixtape he’s put together for us.

Comprehensible words and dancefloor-submission Techno included.

About FEM:

I can't really say too much about FEM. It all started in June 2010 as a Facebook fan page. It was actually a wish of mine to promote the music that I love. After a few months, the page increased in terms of its fan base a lot, spreading around the world, especially in the UK, in Romania (where we are based), in the USA & in Germany. After seeing the popularity of the page rise, I was kinda forced to make this project bigger. So we started our blog in June 2011. Basically, the blog will be a platform for our FEM Podcasts series, whose purpose is to promote talented unheard-of artists, plus other stuff like reviews, party chronicles etc. In addition to that, the Facebook page will serve as a daily hub for quality electronic music. In the near future we will try to expand our fresh project called FEM Recordings into a serious label selling 12"s as well as digitals. So far, we've released a free download compilation called FEM Picks with sounds from the likes of Palace, Jackie Dagger, Leibniz and so on. Be sure to check it if you did not! Right now FEM is consisted of Snygg (Paul Popa) - founder, DJ & writer - aerverde (Ion Lazar - DJ, writer, graphic design (helps with the logos, artworks) - & Bateman (Jack Bateman) - DJ (Tight Music Bristol, Dubs.tek) - with who I will try to put a FEM clubnight out when I relocate to Bristol in September.

About the mix:

The mix is consisted of some sounds that I am into right now. I can't say I have a fixed sound to be honest. Depends of the mood & line-ups I guess. I can mix from Disco, House, Techno, UK Funky to bassy 140 bpm stuff or even Juke. It's not actually a studio mix but more of a club set. So I hope it will move you wherever you are. In my opinion, the most interesting part of the mix is the intro. It is an unreleased tune by Leibniz. Such a talented artist. You really need to check him.


01. Leibniz - Alle [Unreleased]
02. Sigha - Fold [Hotflush]
03. Roman Lindau - Lyrica [Fachwerk]
04. Vrip - UV [Ostgut Ton]
05. Anthony Shake Shakir - Travellers (MRSK Remix) [Rush Hour]
06. Wax - Wax30003 B [Wax]
07. Francesco Tristano - Idiosynkrasia (Ben Klock Remix) [Infiné]
08. Appleblim & Ramadanman - Sous Le Sable [Aus Music]
09. Furesshu - Lucid (Shifted Remix) [Project Squared]
10. MRSK - Black Keith [Rush Hour]
11. Mike Dehnert - Umlaut2 [Clone Basement Series]
12. Roman Lindau - Crasse [Fachwerk]
13. Mike Dehnert - Teilfolge [Delsin]
14. DJ Bone - We Control The Beat [Subject Detroit]
15. Cosmin TRG - De Dans [50 Weapons]
16. Plastikman - Spastik [NovaMute]

DOWNLOAD (via Sendspace - available for 30 days)

Thus being said make sure you check Snygg’s sounds via his SoundCloud account and keep in touch with Future Electronic Music on Posterous and Facebook and with FEM Recordings via their Bandcamp.

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