February 7, 2012

BASICS recommends: CE009 - Morphology - Information Paradox EP

If you take pleasure in spending your weekends in a dungeon here's one for you. Brand new signing for Cultivated Electronics - a rather unknown UK-based label specialized in pushing powerful drum-machine riddims and raw electronics - from the finnish duo Morphology.

If their name sounds a bit unfamiliar to you, their biggest release to date - Euclidean Algorithm - dropped late 2011 on Semantica, via a limited press of 400 12"s and got identified quickly as a darker, more rugged approach to a sound brought to the spotlight by the likes of Boddika or Jon Convex...with a Detroit twist.

If Morphology managed to prove that Finland's export doesn't only handle rally drivers, Cultivated Electronics on the other hand are yet to break through anonimity. But 2012 seems to have started well enough for them. The label just signed a brand new distribution deal with none other than the guys who brought you a massive Drexciya repress just a couple of months back - Clone Distribution.

So...following some simple logic pattern, their 9th release had to be good. And, guess what? To our surprise, it actually is!

Analogue four-tracker built exclusively for dancefloors consisting of one 808 vs. 606, spatial-strings construction - Escape Velocity; one EBM-infused, twenty-first century Juan Atkins-reviving, Electro-Funk anthem - Information Paradox; a laid-back technoid, arp-driven, Marcus Intalex-pleasing mutation - Tangent Spaces and the indisputable highlight: Sync 24's take on Information Paradox. Dark roller (and by dark we mean pitch fucking dark) set to move the immovable. Simple, not at all pretentious and a banger to play out. The kind of track that gives you the warehouse chills even when played in a pair of headphones.

CE009 - Morphology - Information Paradox EP

In less words brilliant EP and a strong impression from a couple of scene-outsiders, that would fit nicely in a set alongside Jon Convex's Pop That P, Dexter's Space Booty or Mensah's Off The Traxx anytime, anywhere.

The only argument against it could relate to its simplicity and to the fact that it seems to be stubborn enough to try and cater for a lost cause in today's dance music, but then again, we wouldn't have it any other way. It scores an A+ on our list and if your main dish is ~130 bpm Bass Music, it should score one in your book as well, without even trying too hard. So yeah, we'd say...buy a copy.

Do it via Boomkat.

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